Product Attributes

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Product attributes are required to display content of a product to the customer. Product and offer attributes combined, create a final product that is displayed on the website. 

Definition of these attributes is as follows: 

  1. Category: Leaf level category needs to be selected when downloading the template to upload products & offers via the spreadsheet method.
    If you are uploading via API or FTP, please ensure that you have entered the correct category label.
  2. Seller SKU: This is the stock keeping unit for your product and should always have a unique value  
  3. Title: This is the title of your product and should be clear enough for the customer to understand the purpose of the product.
  4. Barcode: Barcode for a product should be unique and should be registered in the local or global UPC/EAN database. Please do not use randomly generated barcodes.
  5. Description: The description of your product should be detailed and should clarify the purpose of the product and why a customer should be buying this product.
  6. Features (optional): If there are key points about the product that you would like to highlight, add them in the features column with HTML formatting (bullet points)
  7. Product Specifications: Any extra specifications for your products like dimensions, measurements etc. should be entered in this field.
  8. Contents Description: Use this field to add information about package inclusions or item count that the customer will receive.
  9. Product Care (optional): If there are any specific care instructions for the product, enter them in this field.
  10. Image fields: Use these fields to key in the image address for the product images.
  11. Brand: The value for brand will be provided by your onboarding agent, so please do not prefill it.
  12. Warranty: If the product comes with any warranty, key in that information in the warranty field.
  13. Variant-ID: This is the group identifier, or the parent SKU used to group different variants of one product together.
  14. Variant-Colour Value: For adding in variants by colour, enter the variant specific colour in this field.
  15. Variant-Size Value: For adding in variants by size, enter the variant specific size in this field.
  16. Colour: Select the colour specific to your product from the dropdown list to ensure that your products appear if someone filters our search results by colour.


There are some category specific attributes, which we recommend filling in, that will be available in the template and just require a yes/no or a true/false value. 



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