Offer Attributes

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Offer attributes are required to ensure that a customer can purchase your product. 

Definition of these attributes is as follows: 

  1. Offer SKU: This should have the same value as the Seller SKU and is required to identify the offer for the relevant product.
  2. Product ID: This should be the same as the Seller SKU and is required to connect the offer with the relevant product.
  3. Product ID Type: This should always be SHOP_SKU to ensure that your Offer SKU and Product ID get connected to the relevant product.
  4. Offer Description (Optional): If you want to add any notes for your team members for a particular offer, you can enter it in this field.
  5. Offer Price: This is the selling price for your product and for Australian sellers, the price should be inclusive of GST. Please do not use the dollar sign or any other currency sign to enter the value.
  6. Offer Quantity: This is the stock on hand or units available for the product. Only enter a numeric value.
  7. Minimum Quantity Alert: This field sends a notification to the seller if a particular item is running low on stock. The value in this field will determine when the seller will receive the quantity alert.
  8. Offer State: State defines the condition of your product. Please select the value from the dropdown menu.
  9. Availability Start Date: If you are listing an offer for a temporary period, you can enter the start date to ensure the item is available from that date.
  10. Availability End Date: If you are listing an offer for a temporary period, you need to enter the end date to ensure the item is inactive once the end date has been reached.
  11. Logistic Class: Logistic class/classes are used to setup shipping rates and are not predefined. Once you have setup logistic class in the Shipping configuration section of the seller portal, you can enter the specific logistic class against the offer.
    This field will control the shipping charges for your product so ensure that the shipping configuration and template values match up.
  12. Discount Price: This field can be used to key in the selling price or promotional price for your item. If you are using this field, please ensure the value is less than what has been entered in the Price field.
  13. Discount Start Date: This field is used to define the start date of your promotional price
  14. Discount End Date: This field is used to define the end date of your promotional price
  15. Leadtime to ship: This is the product level handling time, and you must only enter a numeric value and not a range. 
    For Australian sellers, the maximum value is 2 business days.
  16. Update/Delete: If any offers need to be removed in bulk, you may use the update/delete function and import the template as normal in your seller portal.
  17. GST: This field is to ensure that your prices are inclusive of GST. Australian sellers must enter the value as 10 in this field. 

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