Understanding Order Status

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It is important to be across the orders and understanding the order status. 

An order goes through different statuses/stages which are as follows: 

  1. Pending: This is the first stage in the order cycle and implies that the customer has successfully placed the order. The seller should accept and process the order.
  2. Shipping in progress: At this stage, the order is pending dispatch and requires proper tracking information including tracking number and courier information.
  3. Shipped: At this stage, the customer has received the tracking information and is awaiting delivery of the order. The payment for the order less commission will be accumulated in the payment cycle and will be paid to the customer in the next pay run.

What to do in each of the order stages: 

Order Pending: 

  1. In your seller portal, you can view pending orders either on the dashboard or in: My Orders > All orders page.
  2. Click into the order that is pending acceptance
  3. Click on the “Accept” button
  4. If you want to reject an item, click “Reject” and ensure that you have selected the accurate rejection reason
    Please note: Rejecting multiple orders consecutively will lead into account suspension.

Shipping in progress: 

  1. In your seller portal, you can view orders in progress either on the dashboard or in: My Orders > Orders in progress page
  2. Click into the order that is in progress
  3. Click the shipping section
  4. Add tracking information and chose the correct courier
    (If you’re unable to find the courier, you can contact the onboarding team to add the courier)
  5. Click confirm shipment
  6. The order status will move to shipped post handling time

Note: If a customer has an active cart, i.e., they are about to complete the transaction, any updates to product or shipping price will be ignored and the customer will pay the original price regardless of the change in Mirakl.

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