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The safety of all consumers, particularly children, and babies, is of paramount importance to Baby Bunting. It is your responsibility to ensure that no banned products are presented or made available on our platform.  This ban applies to the below products that are listed on the ACCC website but also extends to prohibited goods listed on the Australian Border Force (ABF) website as well as products that may not be illegal but are not allowed to be sold through the Baby Bunting Marketplace due to them inherit safety risk. 

Banned products are prohibited from being offered or sold on the Baby Bunting Marketplace. 

If you list or offer to supply a banned product, Baby Bunting will take necessary corrective measures, which may include immediate suspension or termination of your selling privileges.  You may be required to undertake a recall of any banned products that have been sold by you.

The sale of illegal or banned products may result in legal consequences, including civil and criminal penalties. Baby Bunting may share information with regulators or the Australian Federal Police if you sell any illegal or banned products.


Banned Baby Products

The images below are sample images only.



A yellow rubber duck

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More than 1% by weight of DEHP in children's plastic items                                
This ban applies to toys, childcare articles, eating vessels, and utensils intended for children up to and including 36 months of age that they can readily chew and/or suck. Items containing more than 1 percent by weight of diethylhexyl phthalate (DEHP) are banned.


A picture containing text

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Fire footbags & other such goods                                                                    
The ban applies to balls manufactured from fire-resistant material, designed to be doused in flammable liquid and ignited, and intended to be used for the purpose of amusement by kicking or throwing.

Mini jelly cups containing konjac                                                                       
Mini-cup jelly confectionery containing the ingredient konjac having a height or width of less than or equal to 45mm is banned from supply in Australia. Mini jelly cups are small confectionery products often sold in multi-packs.

A picture containing metalware, gear

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Small high-powered magnets                                                                                 

 The ban applies to separable or loose magnets that meet certain criteria.


Toys containing beads                                                                                      

This ban applies to inflatable toys, novelties, and furniture, which can be inflated by the mouth, and that have loose beads or small particles inside the product that may be inhaled during inflation or deflation.

A picture containing writing implement, stationary, pen

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Undeclared knives or cutters in stationery sets                                             

Children's art, craft and stationery sets that include a knife or cutter cannot be sold unless the knife or cutter is declared. 




Yo-Yo water balls                                                                                            

 Under the ban, a yo-yo water ball (and similar products) is a toy intended to be thrown     and returned to the hand with an elasticized cord capable of extending at least 
 500mm in length. 


Infant Mask/ Infant Mask with attached Dummy                                               

Infant face masks or face masks incorporating a dummy are to be treated as banned. They can pause the risk of suffocation, sparking choking and may lead to serious risk to children’s safety.




Baby Lounger/Bed/Nest including the Replacement Cover

A mini cushioned bed that comes with padded sides or a pillow-like product to allow infants to sit at a slightly elevated angle rather than lying flat. This type was a recalled product in Australia and US. There are reported infant deaths due to suffocation.

Baby Protection Pillow Anti-Fall Head or Head-Shaping Pillow

A head-shaping pillow is a small cushion, often with a hole in the center, designed to cradle an infant’s head to prevent the infant from getting “flat head syndrome,” or positional plagiocephaly which is all a Myth. The use of head-shaping pillows can create an unsafe sleep environment for infants and may contribute to the risk of suffocation and death.

Baby Rocker/Bouncer

Unsafe sleeping device. There have been serious concerns about the product.

Bucket Hat/any hat that has strap/string

It may cause strangulation and suffocation.

Car Seat Headrest or a Nap Up

A car seat add-on is not recommended to be used. It had a reported a tragic event of child’s death in a car accident due to suffocation. They may alter the performance of the restraint if there is an accident.

Cot Bumper

It may cause suffocation in babies. Cot bumpers are linked to dozens of infant deaths.

Inclined/Elevated Sleeping Device

This is an unsafe sleeping device. Even if it's for maternal use, INPAA recommended to not do it as it may accidentally be used by babies.

Laser Pointers and Projectors

Laser pointers or projectors with a power output of more than 1 milliwatt are illegal in Australia.   

Moses Basket

There have been concerns relating to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and the potential for carbon dioxide rebreathing when a baby is placed in a Moses basket. There have been recalled products in the US.

Pillow and Pillow Cases (marketed for babies)

Babies are not advised to sleep on the pillow.

Toys/Baby Products containing Button Batteries with Unsecured Battery Compartment

These are products where button battery compartments can easily be accessed by children. The common type is without any screws and can easily be opened. They will lead to serious injuries or even death from swallowing or ingesting the button batteries.

Toys Containing Beads

Inflatable toys, novelties, and furniture, which can be inflated by mouth, and that have loose beads or small particles inside the product, are banned.  

Wooden Rattles

There have been major concerns about compliance and recalls. Majority of the recalled wooden rattles are due to not meeting the required size which is harmful for infants/toddlers.


We aim to keep the list up to date. You should keep yourself aware of product safety obligations and always monitor the list above prior to listing a new product. 

You can also visit these links for other product bans.

Product bans | Product Safety Australia

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