Shipping Configuration

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Shipping configuration is a critical step and should be setup properly before going live on the marketplace to avoid any surprises later-on. 

The shipping configuration section allows sellers to key in their shipping rates per shipping zone and enable logistic classes that can be assigned to different product range. 


Shipping Zones 

Sellers will be able to set shipping charges specific to shipping zones and they can choose to keep a zone disabled if it is considered remote and the seller is unable to ship to that zone. 

These zones have pre-defined postcodes, and the postcodes list can be downloaded here. (load postcodes list or add as an attachment in the article) 

Logistic Class: 

Logistic class is used to define the shipping fee that will be charged against a product or product range. These classes are not pre-defined so any logistic class can be assigned to any product or product range. 

E.g.: A logistic class called: Small-Light Weight can be assigned to a big and bulky item given that the seller has keyed in the correct shipping rate in the “initial price” field. 

Initial Price 

Initial price is the price that will be charged for the first unit of a product that is purchased by the customer. 

Additional Price 

Additional price is the price that will be charged for the second unit of a product or an additional item that is purchased by the customer from the same seller. 

To configure shipping, follow these steps: 

  1. In your seller portal, go to: My Account > Settings > Shipping Configuration 
  2. Select a shipping zone, toggle, and click “Edit shipping charges 
  3. Select the logistic class that you want to enable and click:  Overridden Price 
  4. Set the initial price and additional price as per your requirements 
  5. Click Save 

Repeat for the other shipping zones and/or logistic classes.

For postcode to zone mapping, please refer to the attached sheet.

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